I’m working on a digital portrait using the good ol’ Gimp and my Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet. Being able to use “undo” is helpful, but I miss the feeling of oil sliding around under my brush. I still have a ways to go!



Just trying out a new digital technique today. I created a series of layers in the Gimp, set the transparency to 75% (mostly opaque), and then used a single color on each layer. I like the end result. I’ll want to play around with it more in the future.

Don't get drunk and fight each other.

Sometimes you run across a bit of wisdom so profound, so timeless, that it changes your life. This nugget comes from Paul F. Tompkins. At the end of each (each?) edition of his Pod F. Tompkast show he says “Don’t get drunk and fight each other.” This design shows Paul and his podcast’s musical accompaniment, Eban Schletter, ignoring their own advice and duking it out while inebriated. For shame, Paul and Eban.

I’m putting this out there. Paul & Eban, if you should stumble across this design, I’d love to print these for you in spite of the imagined-fact that neither of you have ever before worn a t-shirt in your entire lives.

Don't get drunk and fight each other t-shirt.


According to the “Glossary of Nautical Terms” on Wikipedia, the phrase “let go and haul” is an order indicating that the ship is now on the desired course relative to the wind and that the sails should be trimmed (‘hauled’) to suit.



I’ve written a very short story called “Orange Sky” about an experience I had as a child.

This is a mock-up of the first illustration.


If it ain’t pigs, it’s chickens. Am I right?

This chicken sketch was done with three colors of Tombow brush pens.




A friend of mine recently noted that I draw a lot of pigs. I guess when you grow up on a hog farm it shows up in everything. This particular pig was drawn with a graphite pencil. He seems battle weary, but his outfit is pretty clean, so maybe he’s just sullen.




Cloud series, number 13

Lucky number 13 finds us once again immersed in the Herringian myth-cycle. Long ago, during a labor dispute, the head of Trubleggh the Tree Eater was severed from her body by Slekk the Seemingly Indifferent. Under other circumstances that might have caused Trubleggh considerable discomfort but since she is a demi-god it merely imbued her with an insatiable hunger for palm trees. Preferring them well-charred, Trubleggh breathes the breath of Larfunkle the Constantly Overheated onto each tree before consuming.

Photo taken in Florida last year. Trubleggh added using the Gimp.


Cloud series, number 12

More scenes from the Herringian myth-cycle.  Strandkow, the great floundercock of the North, rises each day to shade the pale inhabitants of Herringia from the harsh light and poisonous vitamin D produced by exposure to the sun. His mother/father, Rambleshab, is quite proud of him.

Photograph taken in Florida last year and cloud turned into Strandkow with the Gimp. For more Cloud Drawings, visit: cloud-drawing



This drawing was done using Tombow Brush-Pens. Originally, I used a light blue to draw in the basic shapes and black to get the line art. Then I used gray and blue to color it in my sketchbook. Then I scanned it into the Gimp graphic editing program to add color and texture.

Here’s a bit of the sketchbook artwork.





This dapper gentleman is quite pleased to announce that there will be a slight increase in activity on the old blog game. I have a few recent sketches and a few illustrations from a couple of years ago that I will be posting. One man’s ham is another man’s bacon, but this porker grades USDA Prime. He lives high on the hog. Uh.. Okay I’m running out of puns.

I hope you enjoy seeing some new work pop up. Onward, ever onward.

I have never owned an Apple product.

I have used several. I used the Apple2 in the summer of 1986 at a school program. I used several Macintosh computers in the computer labs during art school between the years of 1993-1997. One of my college roommates owned one during that time and I played Myst on it. I played around on a friends iMac in the early 2000s. I used one at a client’s site in 2006. I’ve played with a few friends’ iPods. I’ve played with a few friends’ iPhones.

I’m working on a photoshop technique where I add textures to flatted line drawings.

I know, I know. What wonderful jargon I use. This is a pencil drawing that I did back in 1996. My friend Corey Miller and I were at a coffee house in Indianapolis. I sketched him while he was reading. I added the color tonight in photoshop.

See what you think!


My friend Alice wrote an e-book about ways for the suicidal to avoid suicide. I am a strong advocate of living as I believe death is the ultimate perversion of our God given purpose on earth. Alice allowed me to illustrate and format the book. Here are a few of the illustrations. If you wish to read the book or send the link to someone who needs to read it, follow this link to Smashwords. The book is free and available in many formats. Please note that the book is not aimed at children and there is very frank discussion of some very hard concepts along with very strong language.

During college, I was a printmaking major. I spent a lot of time doing woodcuts, monotypes, and etching. I took one semester of Lithography. Even though I loved lithography, I didn’t pursue it because of how impractical it was. The best lithographs were produced on huge slabs of limestone. This wasn’t just any limestone, either. This limestone only had one known and very limited source. Herron School of Art had been given the largest remaining collection of press ready stones.

My son turned 11 years old this morning. He is an awesome guy. Dawn asked him if he would like for us to redo his room this year as part of his birthday and he said yes. So, we did.

My project was a mural. We really like the Japanese woodcut “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by the master Hokusai. So I decided to replicate it as a 10 foot by 8 foot painting.


Back in the mid-1990’s, when I was suppose to be doing my college homework, I often watched cartoons instead. Probably because I was very mature. My favorites were The Tick, Eek the Cat, and a little gem called Earthworm Jim. Earthworm Jim was a cartoon based on a video game about an earthworm. Named Jim. I’m not kidding. But Earthworm Jim had a face, some intelligence, and a bionic super suit with arms and legs. He was a superhero of sorts. The show was surreal and the humor was absurd, so I was definitely the target audience.

A quick oil sketch by Karl Habegger

There is nothing quite like painting in oils. The smell of the oil and turpentine permeates your brain. The buttery paint moves endlessly under your brush. But oil paint is a huge mess, it is expensive, and you have to have room for it to dry. That is why I did this quick oil sketch using the ArtRage digital painting tool. Satisfying on all levels except smell. I hope you like it!


In this article I’m going to explore the process of working with a client on an illustration. Here is the illustration used in the final piece.

If you didn’t see it, I created a Snowman paper craft to print, cut, and glue. You can read all about it and download the PDF if you go back to “Fun Snowman Kid Craft“. There is now an upgrade PDF with mittens, a snow shovel, a corn-cob pipe stuck in a smile, and a pimped out top hat. It looks like this:

Tis the season and whatnot, so here’s a fun paper craft to do with your kids. You can also do this by yourself if your kids are stinkers.

wacomWhat is digital art? Digital art is artwork done in whole or in part using a computer. The artwork can be graphics, photo editing, drawings, paintings, or even 3D modeling. Some digital artists do the entire process with their computer. Others sketch thumbnails or rough drafts with pens or pencils before scanning them in to create their finished work. Still others scan in completed drawings or paintings and then use software to enhance the image or adjust the colors and intensity.

Natural Enemies by Karl Habegger

This illustration was done for the Antithesis Art challenge of “Natural Enemies“. Yesterday I spent some time chasing our Siberian Husky around the yard trying to catch her so that I could take the neighbor’s dying chicken out of her mouth.

In the grand tradition of the High Court of Herringia, I would like to invite you all to join me in wearing khaki shorts, a t-shirt and crocs tomorrow to celebrate the official Turning On of the New Theme here at KarlHabegger.com.

Pernicious Tales by Karl Habegger

A long term dream of mine is coming to fruition. I’ve written and illustrated a very small volume of short stories, comics, and poetry. There are twenty-six pages and it will be bound graphic novel style.  It is called “Pernicious Tales”. I’m hoping to publish in January. In the meantime, here a sneak peek at the cover.

Theme screenshot

As part of the transition from “The Replacement Komics” to “Karl Habegger” I’m working on creating a new WordPress theme and Content Management System. It is substantially more complex than previous themes I’ve used. I’ve worked on a lot of WordPress themes and skins, but this is the first time I’ve built one from the ground up.

There’s a new sheriff in town, or at least the same old sheriff is planning on making some changes. Don’t be surprised to find me posting things like this: PARE4E5XPD7S  —That may look like gibberish, but in reality it is perfect nonsense.

Calvin and Hobbes - Karl Habegger

The folks over at Superpunch! are holding a contest. It involves Calvin and Hobbes. You should enter!

I grew up on Calvin and Hobbes. It is one of the best and most loved comics I’ve ever read. Here is my entry. Calvin is all grown up, but still getting advice from his friend Hobbes. Note to my mother: I’m sorry.

Antithesis Art WordPress Theme Skin by Karl Habegger

Back in November of 2007, Richard Dominguez and I decided to use the power of the internet to apply peer pressure to each other. The goal was to make certain we both stayed focused on creating art. It grew into the site known as Antithesis Art. I originally wrote the site in PHP, CSS, and created a back end using MySQL.


This drawing was done with my new Wacom Bamboo tablet in Manga Studio Debut 4.0. I drew with the ink pen tool in black and then used the brush tool to add various layers of grey. Finally, I dressed it up in the Gimp with the mat and frame.

In the Big Rock Candy Mountain, you never change your socks. And the golden streams of lemonade come trickling down the rocks.


My wife ordered a Wacom Bamboo tablet for my birthday. I’ve had my eye on a tablet for 6 or so years, but could never justify the cost. Fortunately, the price came down to something close to reasonable for a refurbished. My review: It is everything I dreamed it would be.

In conjunction with that my niece and mother would like a nice picture of Elmo-gone-Emo. So here is my first completely digital drawing with the Bamboo. It must be that Elmo has a bad sunburn and so it HURTS to smile.



In case you haven’t heard, Kevin Cornell is a genius. He is funny, imaginative, and talented. As much as I’d like to hate the guy, he is quite likable. This week he has thrown down the gauntlet as it were, by asking for some submissions based on his recently published illustration. Here is my Thrilling Space Adventure!

Concept Art by Karl Habegger

This is concept art for a project I have on the back burner. I’m working on a graphic novel. I won’t go into details at the moment, but I’m very excited. I started working on the idea back in 2005 and have slowly shaped it into a story framework. I hope to have the script completed in time to start inking in early 2011.

This illustration was done with Noodler’s ink and watercolor wash. It was then scanned and modified using Gimp.


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Web Design and WordPress theme for Cooling Cycle by Karl Habegger

Client: Cooling Cycle

Services: Complete web design. Content Management System programming. WordPress development.

Cooling Cycle did not have a solid web presence when we started. I researched their competition and vendors and developed a design concept for them. They liked it and we went forward. I found a WordPress theme that had some of their desired layout already. I then replaced and recoded the theme until it functioned and looked the way we wanted.


As many of you know, I really enjoy web comics. In fact, I might even be a web comic nerd. The beauty of web comics is that no matter how many you follow, there is always a new wonderful comic to discover somewhere out there. Sometimes I stumble upon a comic while browsing comic but I’m often introduced to a new comic through a friend or blog post. So, I hope to make this the first of a series of posts about web comics I enjoy.


Rating: T for Teen. Please note that most web comics are not written for children, and Wondermark is aimed at an adult audience. Mostly this means that the humor is over a child’s head but there are some situations and or topics that might not be age appropriate.

I’d like to introduce you to David Malki’s Wondermark. This comic is fiendishly funny. David mixes a delightful steampunk clip-art aesthetic with clever humor based on bizarre juxtapositions, absurd situations and nonsense. This is how I was raised (apart from the steampunk aesthetic), so each one is like a letter from home. Consider #540 In which Love is unrequited.

No one hits every ball out of the park, but Mr. Malki has been hitting more home runs than not for over six years now. Plus, who can resist a piranha-moose hybrid?

Design Concept for Brookside Camp by Karl Habegger

They liked the initial design, but will not be featuring water activities as the land they are looking to aquire does not have rivers or lakes attached. They wanted something greener!

A design concept for Brookside Park by Karl Habegger

This was my first rough draft of a design concept for Brookside Camp in Indiana. The camp does not exist yet and has since been put on hold indefinitely, but hopefully will one day be open for campers.



This t-shirt design was done for a contest at Threadless. If you are not familiar with Threadless, it is a site that takes community generated t-shirt designs and puts them through contests.

The community gets to vote on the design. At the end of the appointed time frame, if the design has high enough marks, it attracts the attention of the site owners. If they like it and decide to print it, then they award money to the illustrator and go start selling the shirt.

Throw up your art fist!

This t-shirt was designed for a contest at DesignByHumans.com. I reused an illustration I made earlier of a fist raised with brushes clenched inside. I added the star and gave the image a distressed look. DesignByHumans did not print it, but I plan on doing so eventually. Art for the People



I have another t-shirt design accepted into the contest at DesignByHumans.com. This is a remix of a drawing/painting I did in my moleskine notebook. I really like the drawing, but this would be a difficult one to print. There are too many colors. In order to make it print ready it would take some simplification and a bit half-toning I’m afraid. King of Beasts



I have another t-shirt design accepted into the contest at DesignByHumans.com. This design was originally submitted to Threadless a year or so ago, but was rejected due to fears that it involved licensed characters. I believe this is covered under parody. Apparently so did DBH! Charliechu!


sanijan the living ukulele holding his narwhal totem

I have another t-shirt in the running over at www.designbyhumans.com. (See “Sanijan” below.) This is a rehash of the Sanijan drawing I did back in 2007. A nice ukulele is lugging a toy narwhal around. Sanijan

ruby throated hummingbird being fired from a colt python

This is a momentous occasion here at The Replacement Komics, as the 100th post coincides with a design of mine being accepted into the DesignByHumans.com T-Shirt contest. That contest encourages Shameless Self-Promotion. If you know me very well, you know this makes me Slightly Uncomfortable. So I decided to hold a promotional contest so I can pretend your support is motivated by greed instead of love and admiration.


Keith’s dog never appreciated the work Keith went through to get his hair just right. This illustration was done for Antithesis Art on moleskine using Noodler’s Ink and watercolors.

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Bugs playing poker

You have to keep your eye on that dung beetle. I think he’s hiding cards. This sketch was done on moleskine with Noodler’s ink and watercolors.

Jet pack

Have you been pondering what to get for the annoying literalist in your life who has everything? Well, PONDER NO MORE my friend. Ponder no more.


Ed for President

Ed Busch: President for 2012. The “C” makes all the difference! … Take your time. It will come to you. This was done for fun. Quick and dirty photo edit using the Gimp.


God is my Co-Pilot

“No really, even my wife thinks it is a figure of speech.”

Modern Hobo

We’re all bums at heart. Some of us just need to bum a little wi-fi.


ugly kitten

You know there is nothing quite as fun as a kitten. Unless the kitten has a hook instead of a paw. And a stump tail. And has been in several fights with raccoons. And… I miss you Sid.


Winning and Losing Candidates

My cynicism knows no bounds. This drawing illustrates my general feeling about the 2008 elections. I honestly don’t think the next four years would look much different either way.


Guernica Birthday Party by Karl Habegger

Guernica is a painting by Pablo Picasso depicting the horrors of the Spanish Civil War. Here I have made it a happy birthday party complete with pony rides!

Oh, Lucy! You have some splainin to do.

We picked up Lucy at the Athen’s shelter yesterday. She is marked like a miniature pinscher, but smaller like a chihuahua. She is a hoot.


Saturn Devouring His Ice Cream

“Saturn Devouring His Son” by Francisco Goya is one of the most provocative images ever painted. Hopefully, my version will help you to forget his amazing artwork and think about ice cream.


Pig Crushes Horse's Head

Cloud series, number 11.

Here is pig, hiding behind a condo. Pig sees horse floating by. Pig pinches his fingers together muttering “I crush your head, horse.”


Fishing Lure Pursues Frog-Lobster-Love-Child
Cloud series, part 10. With the “Cloud 9” pun safely behind us, it is time for a lighter image.
What appears to be a fanciful fishing lure has somehow come to life and is pursuing a frog-lobster-love-child wearing an OSHA approved flotation device. Why, you ask? It is one of life’s great mysteries.

Cloud series, part 10. With the “Cloud 9” pun safely behind us, it is time for a lighter image. What appears to be a fanciful fishing lure has somehow come to life and is pursuing a frog-lobster-love-child wearing an OSHA approved flotation device. Why, you ask? It is one of life’s great mysteries.


Fish as Dracula

Every other day of the year, Goldie just blows bubbles. But on October 31st, he goes a little crazy!  Worm victims everywhere…

The monster, not the Doctor.

Quick sketch of Frankenstein’s monster done for Antithesis Art.  

platypus cardinal goose basketball
So, in the midst of doing all of these cloud drawings, I ran across Von Glitschka’s post over on Art Backwash about living a creatively curious life. He had a creativity pack with some exercises in it. One of the exercises was one he put together at IllustrationClass.com called What do you see? Here are the results of my stab at it. Quick and fun.
A platypus and a cardinal are working together in a last ditch effort to stop the grey goose from taking the ball to the rim while assorted teammates look on helplessly. Inked on paper. Scanned in black & white. Colored in the Gimp. I’m not entirely satisfied with the end product, but the process was fun and I like the goose. Artistic or no, you should go try this for yourself.



Cloud series, part 9. I’m so glad that I’ve gotten this far in the series. I guess you could say that I’m, uh, on … um, cloud nine. Okay, moving right along!

It is common knowledge that when Frogzilla finally awakens and comes waltzing across the Texas countryside, his first target is going to be a La Quinta.


Titanic Bearded Goose Births Semi-Useful Demi-God

Cloud series, number 8.

I confess that I find this image to be both beautiful and terrifying. Here we see a familiar scene from the Herringian myth-cycle. Lupatti, the demi-god of good listening being birthed from the nose of the starry-eyed Rambleshab. Rambleshab, of course, is the titanic bearded goose upon whom rests the foundation of the sky and sea. At the end of the world, Rambleshabs gastronomic collapse will cause the sea and the sky to exchange places leaving only flying fish unaffected. Until then, he floats on the gentle breezes and births semi-useful demi-gods now and then. Also according to Herringian mythology, Lupatti is a bit of a twit.


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Choir of Animals

The world has gone crazy. Dogs and cats… singing together! This illustration was done for Antithesis Art.


Vulture holding a fish. Or something like that.

Clouds. Part seven.

As soon as I saw the vulture and fish I stopped. I probably could have worked a gorilla face or cookie monster into the background, but I liked the simplicity and power of the drawing as is. This could be the national symbol of The Republic of Herringia. I’m quite surprised it isn’t.


A man sings. Far in the distance a sphinx laughs while thinking about what it is going to cook today. Or something like that.

Clouds. Part six.

A happier image today. A man sings a song. We’re going to go with the idea that it is a happy song that he enjoys singing. In the far distance, a sphinx is thinking about the meal it will cook and laughing, presumably at the idea of parsnips. There aren’t any vegetables as funny as parsnips.


Person at coffee bar being ingested by a great worm while a minor worm does nothing to help. Or something like that.

Okay. Today is part five of the Cloud series. If you don’t know what is going on, go back to my earlier posts and read up. I’m sick of carrying you people.

By now I’m realizing that this exercise is probably more of a window into my mind than is healthy for me or you. However, I’ve already started and cannot quit now. So there’s a person. Is it a man, a woman? Hard to tell, we’re getting mixed signals. The person definitely seems to be consuming a hot beverage which for our purposes will be coffee. Meanwhile a great worm is devouring this person. A minor worm perches on the person’s arm, neither devouring the person nor preventing their ingestion. I think the tragedy of this story is in the minor worm’s lack of action. Either eat the guy/gal or save them you morally tepid worm!


Sea horse, sea cow and sea your guess is as good as mine. Or something like that.

Wow. We are already to part four of the Cloud series. [Wherein I photograph clouds, print them out, and draw what I see in them, blah, blah…]

In this amazing look into Karl’s damaged psyche, we see a sea horse floating above the rooftops. Contextually, we have to assume the cow is therefore a sea cow, but what is this other sea creature? A large nosed sea bandicoot? A sea monkey whose owner put the bowl too close to the microwave causing radiation to give him Gamma Ray Powers? The mind boggles.

Squid tries to prevent whale from catching baseball. Jim runs with his balloon. Or something like that.

Part three of a series of cloud drawings.

In this fine drawing, I’ve represented a squid who tries to prevent a whale from catching a baseball. Meanwhile, Jim runs toward them with his balloon. This probably means something.

Overly groomed poodle observing hedgehog while pig and marmoset look on. Or something like that.

This is my second in a series of cloud drawings. I’ve printed out photos of clouds taken with my cell phone and then drew right on top of the clouds.

In this picture you will see that some poodle’s grooming can get out of hand. Especially poodles who have been trained to watch the hedgehog. Meanwhile a pig glances over from his mud hole and a marmoset trembles in abject fear of the poodle. Look. If you don’t like the way I’m calling it, write your own synopsis.

Weird bunny-man with star pajamas and bunny slippers being leaped by a lion-eagle-horse while Albert Einstein looks on wearing a chef's hat. Or something like that.

I was riding in the van the other day looking out the window at huge billowy clouds. I saw all kinds of great figures and whatnot in them. Then it hit me: I should be taking pictures of these clouds, printing them out, and drawing the whatnot! If only I had remembered that my phone is also a camera. Instead it hit me the next day when the clouds weren’t quite as awesome. I still took some photos and WOW is my phone’s camera awful. It didn’t matter though.

Last night I printed them out and started drawing. Here is the first one. I’ll be posting the rest of the results over the next few days.

In this one, a weird bunny-man in star pajamas and bunny slippers is being leaped over by a lion-eagle-horse while Albert Einstein looks up from his cooking to watch.


This illustration was done as a concept for a t-shirt for a private school. They ended up going with my second design instead. This one was modeled after a People’s Republic of China poster. I ended up using the image as an entry at Antithesis Art


Aging Rock Star

Get it? Robot — Row Bot? Great pun, right? I hate it when my jokes fall flat. This illustration was done with ink. It was then scanned into Illustrator and colored.

Exotic Pets

Ve’re goingk on a treep in our faworite rocket sheep!

Fast Food Wars

Private Wendy is ready for the trenches. Ronald McDonald doesn’t stand a chance, although he does have the largest Fast Food Posse. Only Jack in the Box may stand in the way of Wendy as most of her weapons involve blunt force trauma to the head.

Rube Goldberg Machine

Nothing bothers me so much as when I believe I have been incredibly clever and no one else notices. In that theme, please enjoy my joke with me:

Rube Goldberg machine = Rude Gold Bird machine.

See, I’m hilarious. No, really!

Avenge my death!

Tonight I ate the home-cured gravlax that I made following the recipe I found at I Eat You. It was delicious. Unbelievably good. If I don’t die of food poisoning, I will call it a success.

Mundane Superheroes

Okay. So cleaning up vomit isn’t very exciting, but if you shout “THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR… DAD!” right before you do it, then it adds a little luster.

He is no clown.

This is my Antithesis Art entry for “Redesign a Peanuts Character”.

Anthropomorphic Kitchen Appliances

Anthropomorphic Kitchen Appliances… I wish I could claim that mouthful, but it was Richard’s idea. This is my completed version of my earlier sketch post for my Antithesis Art entry.

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The moon is drowning while I sleep.

I believe the best prose, poetry, and art all accomplish the same thing: They create a sense of yearning. It may be yearning for a particular feeling or time or place, or it may be that the work makes you wish you were a better person in some way. I feel that way when I read Charles de Lint. Charles de Lint is an author who specializes in works that blur the realm of fairy tales and reality. I’ve only read a few of his short stories, but I’m enamored with his abilities.

This artwork doesn’t exactly illustrate Charles’ short story “The Moon is Drowning While I Sleep”, but it echoes the feeling I got while reading it some years ago. This painting was done for Country Bible Church’s remodel of an existing room. They are going for a coffee house feel and asked a few of the artist members of the church to create paintings for the room.

Aging Rock Star

It has been too long without a post on The Replacement Komics. I’m sorry to say that I don’t have anything new to post, so I am going to post old Antithesis Art entries twice a week (Monday and Friday) for the next couple of months hoping that I’ll get a chance to create some new stuff in the meantime.

Client: Zionsville Fellowship Church – Zionsville, Indiana, USA

Services: Complete design, layout, graphic design, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Dynamic HTML coding.

Peg Lipped John

A young pirate named Two Lipped John was in a horrible accident involving cutting toward himself.

Capt. Halfbeard

Here is the colored version of Capt. Halfbeard. I used Noodler’s ink and watercolors in a moleskine notebook.

Portrait of the Artist

Isabelle made a portrait of me from the side with my hand on my cheek. She borrowed my fountain pen and used her own watercolors. She’s obviously a shameless flatterer.

Captain Half Beard

Richard at http://table38.com/ has been rocking out the drawings the last few days. Here is my current drawing, sans the color it will some day be graced with.

Web Site design done with css and divs for Fishvan.com by Karl Habegger

Time to crank up the Way Back Machine: Once upon a time there was an art student named Karl. He owned a wonderful 1978 Plymoth Volare whose straight-six engine happily carried him all over the Indiana countryside.

The Replacement Komics by Karl Habegger

A year or so ago, my brother sent me a link to Mattias Ink. It is a web site of an awesome illustrator from the continent. He does these great whimsical drawings of birds in admiral hats and pigs driving busses, etc. I loved his work and I loved his site.

Little Red Wagon

Before the baby was born, I decided to do a bunch of art so that my site would not grow stale while I was in No Sleep Til Brooklyn mode. Unfortunately, I used up all of that work before the blessed event. So, here is more artwork done for www.AntithesisArt.com and rehashed here for your enjoyment. ALSO: Please note that The Replacement Komics is now using a CSS and DIV based layout instead of using tables. That makes it cool or something. ALSO: I’ve discontinued the “comments” functionality until I have time to code a more secure implementation of it. The only folks who were using it seemed to be promoting prescription drugs for male issues.

Gone Fishin

Have you ever had that feeling that perhaps your life is a big cosmic joke? No? …well, neither have I. I was just kidding. Anyway, this drawing was originally done for the antithesisart.com project ‘Gone Fishin’. I hope you enjoy it.

Mr. Manheimer

Mr. Manheimer is working hard to blend into his new environment. He has taken to the foxtrot quite nicely, but is still uncomfortable with the fancy dress and rich diet of the late 1870’s.

Charlie Brown

This version of Charlie Brown was also too disturbing.

Charlie Brown

A while back I did some Charlie Brown drawings for Antithesis Art. This one was a little too disturbing and didn’t make the cut.

A wagon home

When we’ve finished raising kids, perhaps we’ll buy an oat guzzler and hitch it up to this here wagon. We’ll take the show on the road. We’ll follow a horses fanny around for a few years before we forget our own names and become indigent social parasites… I think it is good to have a plan for retirement.


Dale and I both like to wear plastic buckets on our heads. It lends an otherwise missing dignity to our beings.

The Escape

After overhearing salacious talk of bacon, Mr. Manheimer began construction of his balloon. After a few false starts he is now on his way to a bright future.

KCS T-shirt

I’ve been working on the Kaufman Christian School t-shirt for next year. They eventually printed it on burnt orange. It looks great!

A comic for Redsavina

Pencil on paper. Used various sources found on the internet.


I took one of the sketches I did for Antithesis Art and reworked it into a t-shirt idea. There is a site called “Threadless” that takes artwork submitted by the community and lets members vote on it. If it gets enough votes, they pay you for it and print it. This is my first time posting anything over there.

he first 24 hours are crucial. I need loads of 5 scores and “I’d Buy it” check-marks to stay in the competition. There is no obligation. Signing up is free. Scoring is free. Everything is free except buying shirts.

Ace of Spades

This Ace of Spades is an original design created from photographs found around the internet.

Caffinated Devil

Sketch done for an Antithesis Art entry. The finished work was mostly done in GIMP.

Cat vs. Pig

I’ve been busy elsewhere. I’m working with my friend Richard to start a new website called Antithesis Art. We hope it will be a launching point to build a community of artists locally in East Texas. Check it out when you get a chance.

Art Fist - Power to the People

I found a couple of illustrations I did earlier this year. I’m going to post them up over the next few days in order to keep the content going while I’m working on the code. I hope you enjoy them.


Fish Flourish

The CSS is coming right along. I still have a long way to go, but I am having to relearn the basics and learn some advanced as I go. I am surprised I’ve gotten this far in Internet Programming without learning more than the few snippets of CSS I already knew.

The other thing I am dabbling in at the moment is MySQL. I’m using it to keep track of the images and their titles, etc. I’m not very savvy yet, but I’ve appropriated some code off of the PHP documentation web site to use in the meantime.

Keep on Pluckin...

I would like to encourage all of you to keep on pluckin’.

Amish Empire by Karl Habegger

Announcement: I am changing hosts and rewriting the site in PHP. After I rewrite the site in PHP, I will rewrite the site in CSS. Then maybe I will offer a couple of different skins for the site. All of this is going to count as artwork in my head so I can justify not sketching while I do it.

Also, during this whole process artwork is going to disappear slowly until the new site is rewritten in PHP. I will put a link here when done. Thanks for your patience!


Pencil on Paper.

Dinosaur Riding Astronauts of the Wild West

Guess what I found whilst cleaning out the garage in preparation for our home going on the market…

Give up?! I know I do!

That’s right. I found a circa 2002 trial illustration of the future most lucrative children’s series since My Little Pony: The Dinosaur Riding Astronauts of the Wild West. Sorry the picture quality is uneven. It was too big for the scanner and so I had to patch it together.

I want to ride my BICYCLE!

Well, we are teaching our son to ride his bike.


From 1996 – Woodcut.

Look at what you have done.

Printmaking is fun. I wish I had a press so that I could do more monotype and woodcuts. I posted some of my old monotypes and woodcuts from my last printmaking class in 1996.


From 1996 – Four color process monotype.

Seed of Rebellion

From 1996 – Black and white monotype.

Gives Birth to Sin

From 1996 – Black and white monotype.

Sin Brings Death

From 1996 – Black and white monotype.

California vs. Alaska

Pen and Ink on Paper. California VS. Alaska is a comic about the benefits of California.


This portrait was done with chalk on tinted masonite using a photographic reference.

Chalk on tinted masonite.


This portrait was done in oil paint on masonite.

Moon over My Hammy

I took a scan of the blank and white version and colorized it via the Gimp.

The American Dream

The Replacement Komics: The American Dream

The American Dream has stolen mine. Figure 1: Shiny new house. Time to put up or shut up.

The Kids are Normal

Mixed Media done for a class my wife was teaching.

Enkimdu Comic cover

I’ve been looking at the blog of a guy from my church named Rich. It is called Table 38. Someone from our church showed it to my wife, and then she showed it to me. Rich is in the same place in life that I am. He’s got kids, a computer job, and life coming from him at all angles. And he is an artist. An artist without time to do art. But the difference between Rich and me is that in spite of not having time to do art… he still does art. He has a section called “Daily Pages” that is obviously not daily but still manages to be updated pretty regularly.

So Rich, if you ever read this, thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to start producing. I may not produce great art, but it will be better than producing no art.


Pen and ink on note card. Edited in the GIMP.


Originally Mick was a Narwhal playing a Ukulele, but then he became a Ukulele playing a Narwhal because of Sanijan. Pen and ink on note card. Edited in the GIMP.


Pen and ink on note card. Edited in the GIMP.


Pen and ink on note card. Edited in the GIMP.


ILP is kind of like IPA, but not as bitter. PLUS: SCREAMING PATRIOT. Pen and ink on note card. Edited in the GIMP.


Pen and ink on note card. Edited in the GIMP.


From 1996 – four color process monotype.


Redsavina is secretly nice. Pen and ink on note card. Edited in the GIMP.


Pen and ink on note card. Edited in the GIMP.


Mystery surrounds Bigkahoona. He is like an Anigma wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a big old gal. Pen and ink on note card. Edited in the GIMP.


Swimdad is a sock puppet. And an arm. This illustration was done in pen and ink on note card and then edited in the GIMP.

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