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    • Here you are, reading about me on the internet. You've come to this page seeking answers to the age old question: "Who is this Karl and what does he do?". This is no time to be coy. I should lay it all out there without the pretense of false modesty. I am one of the most...Read More
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Let Go and Haul – The 2015 Edition

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Let Go and Haul – The 2015 Edition

According to the “Glossary of Nautical Terms” on Wikipedia, the phrase “let go and haul” is an order indicating that the ship is now on the desired course relative to the wind and that the sails should be trimmed (‘hauled’) to suit. While I do like the cyclical idea of New Years Resolutions, the concept […]

Orange Sky

I’ve written a very short story called “Orange Sky” about an experience I had as a child.

The Triumph of Chickenry

If it ain’t pigs, it’s chickens. Am I right?

Battle Pig

A friend of mine recently noted that I draw a lot of pigs. I guess when you grow up on a hog farm it shows up in everything.

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