From 1996 – Woodcut.

Look at what you have done.

Printmaking is fun. I wish I had a press so that I could do more monotype and woodcuts. I posted some of my old monotypes and woodcuts from my last printmaking class in 1996.


From 1996 – Four color process monotype.

Seed of Rebellion

From 1996 – Black and white monotype.

Gives Birth to Sin

From 1996 – Black and white monotype.

Sin Brings Death

From 1996 – Black and white monotype.

California vs. Alaska

Pen and Ink on Paper. California VS. Alaska is a comic about the benefits of California.


This portrait was done with chalk on tinted masonite using a photographic reference.

Chalk on tinted masonite.


This portrait was done in oil paint on masonite.

Moon over My Hammy

I took a scan of the blank and white version and colorized it via the Gimp.

The American Dream

The Replacement Komics: The American Dream

The American Dream has stolen mine. Figure 1: Shiny new house. Time to put up or shut up.

The Kids are Normal

Mixed Media done for a class my wife was teaching.

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