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As part of the transition from “The Replacement Komics” to “Karl Habegger” I’m working on creating a new WordPress theme and Content Management System. It is substantially more complex than previous themes I’ve used. I’ve worked on a lot of WordPress themes and skins, but this is the first time I’ve built one from the ground up.

Antithesis Art WordPress Theme Skin by Karl Habegger

Back in November of 2007, Richard Dominguez and I decided to use the power of the internet to apply peer pressure to each other. The goal was to make certain we both stayed focused on creating art. It grew into the site known as Antithesis Art. I originally wrote the site in PHP, CSS, and created a back end using MySQL.

Web Design and WordPress theme for Cooling Cycle by Karl Habegger

Client: Cooling Cycle

Services: Complete web design. Content Management System programming. WordPress development.

Cooling Cycle did not have a solid web presence when we started. I researched their competition and vendors and developed a design concept for them. They liked it and we went forward. I found a WordPress theme that had some of their desired layout already. I then replaced and recoded the theme until it functioned and looked the way we wanted.

Design Concept for Brookside Camp by Karl Habegger

They liked the initial design, but will not be featuring water activities as the land they are looking to aquire does not have rivers or lakes attached. They wanted something greener!

A design concept for Brookside Park by Karl Habegger

This was my first rough draft of a design concept for Brookside Camp in Indiana. The camp does not exist yet and has since been put on hold indefinitely, but hopefully will one day be open for campers.


Client: Zionsville Fellowship Church – Zionsville, Indiana, USA

Services: Complete design, layout, graphic design, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Dynamic HTML coding.

Web Site design done with css and divs for by Karl Habegger

Time to crank up the Way Back Machine: Once upon a time there was an art student named Karl. He owned a wonderful 1978 Plymoth Volare whose straight-six engine happily carried him all over the Indiana countryside.

The Replacement Komics by Karl Habegger

A year or so ago, my brother sent me a link to Mattias Ink. It is a web site of an awesome illustrator from the continent. He does these great whimsical drawings of birds in admiral hats and pigs driving busses, etc. I loved his work and I loved his site.

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