The Moon is Drowning While I Sleep

I believe the best prose, poetry, and art all accomplish the same thing: They create a sense of yearning. It may be yearning for a particular feeling or time or place, or it may be that the work makes you wish you were a better person in some way. I feel that way when I read Charles de Lint. Charles de Lint is an author who specializes in works that blur the realm of fairy tales and reality. I’ve only read a few of his short stories, but I’m enamored with his abilities.

The moon is drowning while I sleep.

This artwork doesn’t exactly illustrate Charles’ short story “The Moon is Drowning While I Sleep”, but it echoes the feeling I got while reading it some years ago. This painting was done for Country Bible Church’s remodel of an existing room. They are going for a coffee house feel and asked a few of the artist members of the church to create paintings for the room.

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